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AIRport : Making space work for you

A solution to every requirement
AIRPORT has been developed in collaboration with medical teams to accommodate all types of surgical procedure, from general surgery and anaesthesia, to surgical specialities and minimally invasive surgery. Exceptionally modular, it can be tailored exactly to specific needs and at the right price. Simple yet clever solutions, such as gas and electrical connections directly on the column, make it possible to have essential functions at a low price. EMSs capable of carrying heavier loads and offering a wide range of movements will be subsequently made available

Future forward
An EMS worthy of the name must meet not only your current expectations, but your future needs as well. AIRPORT features a clever design that accommodates your needs as they change. Its standardised ceiling attachments allow the installation of additional arms and lights. Each arm features a generously sized (120 mm) internal cable routing compartment so that new equipment can be added without having to alter AIRPORT, even in the case of its lightweight models. Last but not least, additional modules can be installed with great ease on the side of the system to increase its capabilities.

Technology that is so transparent, you forget that it’s there
From its smooth, rounded shapes, to the number of exposed screws reduced to the bare minimum, and its concealed cable routing compartments, the AIRPORT range is designed down to the smallest details to ensure effortless cleaning and decontamination. One of the range’s most ergonomic features is its retractable handles which control the electro-pneumatic brakes for precise, effortless positioning. Exceptionally compact and elegant and available in matching colours, AIRPORT blends in so well with its surroundings that you almost forget that it’s there!


Needs differ considerably, depending on the application: anaesthesia, surgery, minimally invasive surgery, intensive care, etc.
AIRport offers solutions for every scenario with its standard configurations.
Designed to be a modular, adaptable system, AIRport helps you as you expand your activities: adding and removing components is always very easy, limiting work to an absolute
minimum. Whatever the situation, you have all the necessary functionalities, within a minimum of space…


Available in four versions, the distribution arm is the anaesthetist’s preferred solution. Its generous cable-run diameter (120 mm) means any anaesthesia respirator can be connected: gas hoses, electric cables, etc.
With its wide reach (1200 to 2400 mm depending on the version), it is easy to use in both small rooms and large.
It is operated precisely and effortlessly, thanks to its gas spring, which offers vertical travel of 550 mm.
With its elegant tones, fitted with immaculately aesthetic outlets, standing discreetly in the raised position, the distribution arm blends perfectly into the operating theatre.

Gas hose connexion
electric cable connexion


With a maximum load of 384 kg, the light carrier arm has been designed to comfortably accommodate all the functionalities required for surgery.
Its reach extends up to 2400mm, which means the equipment can be positioned ideally in relation to the surgical field. It is easily operated by means of the ergonomic handles. A specific stand is set aside for electrosurgical units.
It comprises a support shelf for the electrosurgical unit and a drawer unit for storing accessories (pedals, electrosurgical unit holder, etc).
The computer interfaces naturally find their own places thanks to the monitor mountings and keyboard stand, fitted with a clever, reversible right-handed/left-handed mouse platform.
Lastly, side rails accommodate all the additional accessories: suction bottles, vacuum regulator, etc.

Minimally invasive surgery

AIRport provides an effective and compact solution for the specific needs of minimally invasive surgery. The endoscopy equipments (monitor, light source, camera, printer, etc) are easily managed to the light carrier arm.
Low voltage outlets, for the endoscopy signals, are attached together with the electrical outlets on the distribution module

Intensive care

The ideal configuration for intensive care units comprises two arms.
  • The first is a carrier arm designated for infusions.
  • The second is a medium carrier arm designated for ventilation and the work station. A wide shelf fitted with an examination lamp accommodates the resuscitation ventilator while providing a work space for the nursing staff. A support dedicated to the patient data monitor is suitable for all major brands (Philips, GE, etc). Additional accessories, such as suction bottles or catheter stands, are easily placed on a multi-purpose circular rail.

Infusion arm

Ventilation arm


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