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RO Water System - Hard Water Hard Water Reverse Osmosis Water System

The most effective method for providing clean pure water for your Eschmann autoclave.

  • Compact system fits easily into most cupboards.
  • Simple installation only requiring cold water feed.
  • Includes 12 litre water tank and swan neck dispensing tap.
  • Model suitable for use in hard water areas also available.
  • Optional flexible trigger grip tap accessory.
  • Cost effective filters and servicing.
  • Suitable for all autoclaves and where a supply of pure water is essential.

What is the RO Water System?

The RO Water system produces a source of purified water that can be used in autoclaves and other dental equipment.

The system is plumbed into the mains water supply (cold) and uses a variety of filters – particle, carbon and Reverse Osmosis – to remove all contaminants from the mains water.

What does the RO system consist of?

The system, housed in a convenient plastic case contains the filter cartridges and a booster pump. In addition, the system includes a 12 litre tank (for storing the purified water) a Satin Steel Swan neck tap and for Hard Water areas, an additional external DIRM filter (to soften the water before it is processed in the unit). A TDS meter will also be supplied that allows the user to identify when the filters need changing.

  • Unit Dimensions
    400mm (H) x 320mm (W) x 200mm (D)
  • 12 Litre Water Tank
  • 400mm (H) x Dia: 300mm
  • DIRM Vessel (Hard Water only)
  • 400mm (H) x Dia: 180mm


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