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STERIS Cmax Xray Specialty Surgical Table

Radiolucency for all surgical specialties!

The Cmax Xray table by STERIS provides advanced imaging capabilities for a large selection of Surgical Procedures.
Providing clear versatility this hybrid table covers a very wide range of surgical applications, with or without imaging: gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, cardiac and vascular surgery, minimally invasive surgery, etc.

The STERIS Cmax Xray is built to exacting standards and features; Powered transfer, the longest 360° radiolucent surface on the market (1.33 m with headrest), the largest lateral tilt (20°) and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg angles (30°), the highest standard patient weight capacity (230 kg), etc. It doesn’t get better than this.

Perfect control at your fingertips

Our engineers know that an ergonomic design is essential for all STERIS operating tables. Position adjustments are easy using the STERIS hand control. The large backlit screen, ideal for operations with endoscopy, lets you view the position of the table in real time.
The requirements are even more stringent for the floating tabletop adjustment. The translation control along two axes must be as fast and smooth as possible, for efficient following of the curves of vessels whilst minimising the quantity of radiation emissions.
In this respect, the joystick is amazingly simple. It’s like using a mouse: you have direct, intuitive control with one hand, along straight lines as well as curves. Beside the joystick, there are simple controls to lock and unlock the floating top and adjust the tabletop height.

The Cmax™ Xray table is a Class I CE Marked medical device. To use this equipment safely, carefully read the instructions in the user manual and on the labelling.

The STERIS Cmax Xray is distributed and supported in the UK by Eschmann Equipment.

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