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ST80 Electrosurgery Trolley

The ST80 system is a modular surgical trolley with a removable reversible shelving system which can be adapted to include high powered suction and smoke evacuation.

Easy to Move
The ST80 is easy to move in any direction and features a built-in braking system and rubber moulding on the push bar and wheel base to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive equipment in the event of accidental collision. 

Space Saving Design
The ST80 complements Eschmann's electrosurgery units and in common with other products in the range, is designed to help maximise theatre space.

Storage Area
With its removable, reversible shelving system, the ST80 unit has been specially designed to maximise storage space.

Optional High Performance Suction System
To facilitate the rapid removal of unwanted fluid, the ST80 can be supplied with a high performance electric suction system with a flow rate of at least 35 litres per minute. The modular design of the ST80 allows a choice of two and four jar collection systems.

Optional Smoke Evacuation
The ST80 surgical suction trolley is also available with an extra shelf to accomodate the Eschmann Smoke Evacuation Unit.

Dimensions (approximate) including suction jars

Height (single shelf):
Height (twin shelf):
Weight (single shelf):
Weight (twin shelf):
Weight (single shelf & suction):
Weight (twin shelf & suction):          51kg
Standards: EN60601-1, ISO10079-1
Classification: Class 1, Type BF, Drip Proof
Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN60601-1-2 (suction)


Disposable Liner System
82-923-61 2 litre container ( V mount)
82-923-57 Disposable standard 8.5mm bore inlet liner (Box of 25)
82-923-69 Disposable wide 12.5mm bore inlet liner
(Box of 25)
82-923-88 Disposable tapered connector (Pack of 10)
Disposable hydrophobic/bacterial filter (Box of 10)
Disposable bacterial filter (Box of 10)

Reusable Suction System
82-923-02 Autoclavable 2 litre jar, complete with lid and cradle
82-923-10 Autoclavable 2 litre jar
82-923-29 Autoclavable 2 litre jar with cradle
82-923-37 Spare lid for autoclavable jar
82-923-45 Spare cradle assembly for autoclavable jar
Suction Tubing
82-929-14 Antistatic neoprene 6.35mm i.d.
82-930-15 Antistatic neoprene 12.7mm i.d.
82-931-12 Transparent plastic 12.7mm i.d.

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